Tire Maintenance Tips - Tire Pressure

Your cars tires can impact not just the way your car handles, but also can effect the overall performance and fuel economy of your car or truck. One of the of the most essential things you can do would be a regular program would be to check you air pressure in your tires. Incorrect air pressure in tier is the significant cause of tire failure. Tire failure when driving can lead to a car accident and possible injury to the driver and passengers. You ought to check you tire pressure at least once a month.

The proper tire pressure should be in your owners manual, or on the drivers side door. On certain vehicles the maker also places this information on the gas tank lid doorway. You shouldn’t use the information on the face of the tires.

When assessing your tires air pressure, be sure that you check on them while they’re cold. This means before you push your vehicle. Tire pressure will go down or up one to two pounds per squire inch (PSI) for each 10 degrees in temperature change. If the air temperature goes down, you automobiles tires pressure will fall, if the air temperature goes up, your atmosphere pressure increases.

Make sure once you’ve check you tire strain, which you replace the valve caps, this will keep out the dust and grime which may make a leak. Any missing valve caps should be replaced right away.

Also make sure not to forget to check the spare tire air pressure. Tire Pressure do not need to be stranded or have you car towed, just cause you spare was flat Once You need it