How to Organise a Leafleting Campaign

Pick which Field Marketing firm to use - whether it’s a national effort look for you with a huge database of staff nationally - inquire to see leafleting case studies.

Agree areas you want leaflets distributed and affirm whether licenses need to be obtained. If needed, concur who will apply for leafleting licences. Most councils have websites which permit you to apply online or download the required forms to acquire these licenses.

Confirm leaflet delivery of leaflets you need in order to get distributed. They will then be able to calculate how long could be necessary to make sure all of your leaflets are completed and how many leafleting staff would be required. You’ll also have to notify the Field Marketing firm which demographic you need their leafleters to target, this is going to have an effect on the number of leaflets can be distributed per hour .

Get quotes from Field Marketing firms and decide which one you will go with. As soon as you’ve determined who to use, validate dates the leafleting activity should take place.

Agree your distribution times. If lunch breaks are needed, make sure your Field Marketing company will stagger these to ensure maximum protection.

Inform the Field Marketing company if you will be supplying any uniforms to the leafleters to wear throughout their shift.

Inform the Field advertising company who will be available to hand over the leaflets and supply a telephone number if available.

Agree what is to be done with any surplus leaflets, this may be returning them to the original collection stage, or arranging for them to be recycled.

Agree how the leafleting activity will be reported on. Do you require photographic evidence of distribution. Do you need individual staff members distribution figures or a total overall. Additionally agree how you’d like to receive this record.